Changing Your Coaching Environment

Ever notice what happens to your coaching when you tidy up your surroundings? I guarantee you it changes! No matter what you shift – sometimes even just clearing off your desk or moving to another part of the room (or house) is enough to infuse your coaching with a new energy!


Try this four-step exercise to see how changes in your coaching environment will affect your coaching:

  1. Simply observe your coaching environment.
  2. Set your intention.  For example, “I want to punch up my coaching” or “I need more peace and to be more grounded when I am coaching.”
  3. Choose or organize your surroundings to support this intention.  Maybe a vase of fresh flowers would bring nature’s tranquility to your next session.  Or you might consider moving your coaching to a room with a sunnier vista so the increased light will power up the coaching.  Figure out what changes you want to make to your coaching environment, and try them out.
  4. Make a note of any changes you see in your coaching over the next month
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