Time is Money

“Time is money.” We’ve all heard it before. And sure – everyone knows if you want to bring in more revenue, bring in more business. But how often do you realize that if you had more time, you’d literally have more money because you could invest that “extra” time into activities that boost the bottom line?


Put a halt to time-wasters. Review your daily agenda and ferret out places you could:

  • Group your errands (saves fuel AND wasted trips)
  • Designate only ONE block of time per day to respond to email instead of reading it as it arrives
  • Forward another goal during “lost” time (listen to an audio book during your commute, respond to phone calls while standing in line, etc.)
  • Plan meals instead of being forced to scramble (or spend more on them)
  • Eliminate activities that are just mindless habits – i.e., if you need to unwind, avoid big electronic time vampires (TV, internet). Instead, CHOOSE things that add meaning to your life (like rekindling a friendship, reading the latest NYT bestseller, making memories with your kids, etc.)
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