Curbing Procrastination

“Done is better than perfect.”  Think on this for a second and ask yourself, “Do I ever procrastinate because I feel like a project is too daunting?”  People do this for a number of reasons – maybe they don’t think they’ll be able to do a good enough job, or perhaps it just feels like it’ll take too much effort.


GET STARTED.  By the time you’re “done,” you’ll be glad you got the project moving right away:  you’ll have something to work FROM, and you’ll have time left over to strive toward perfection.  So, whatever reasons you’re giving yourself for not delving into that BIG project, let them go and get the ball rolling:

  • Commit to taking the first small step TODAY
  • Set up some accountability by sharing your goal (and a deadline) with a friend, spouse or colleague
  • Continue to schedule small blocks of time to complete each step
  • Deliver the final product

Now, after a break, step back to critique your work.   Is it better than you thought?  Was the process easier than you anticipated?  Chances are, by simply taking that first step, you found that momentum helped carry you through and that “getting started” was the key to pushing past the perfectionism gremlin!

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