FLOW.  It’s gotten a lot of attention lately – maybe because we’ve all been clamoring for it and didn’t even know it had a name!  Flow is when we feel “used up” in a good way, when we’re working on all cylinders, and when we’re so immersed in a project that we don’t notice the passing of time.  Hours can float by when we’re “in the zone.”  What happens there?  Your best work!  It’s the 3-way intersection of your strengths, your passions and your work.


Sit back and ponder the times in your life when you’ve felt “in flow.”

  • What are the common threads between these events?
  • How could you recreate this state today?
  • If you could routinely experience “flow,” what would it do for your business, your energy, your life?

This month, invite “flow” into your day consistently.  Journal about the impact this has on the various aspects of your life.

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