Is Your Email Managing You?

Thought for The Month

What comes up for you when you see the word “email?”  For many of us it’s dread.  For most, email is a necessary part of communication these days. Have you noticed ways in which you hand your power over to your inbox? It takes a life of its own and before we know it, we have spent more time in our inbox then we care to admit. Or we procrastinate and avoid it – and by the time we get in there, we’re completely overwhelmed. We can take charge and consciously decide how we are going to manage our email inboxes.


Notice what your email “style” is at this point. Not how you write or what words you use, but how you manage it. Do you spend too much or too little time? How much time would it actually take keep your inbox clean AND organized? Maybe committing to 15-minute sessions one or more times a day would work. Maybe for you it would be processing twice each day (morning and after lunch) that works best. This is an important part of a business – decide how you are going to be in charge and make it work for you!

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