So, you’re a new coach. Or a new-ish coach.  Either way, it’s never too early to tackle to issue of “niche.” What’s a niche? It’s another word for target audience. New (and even some not-so-new) coaches struggle with choosing a specialty. But when it comes to “filling your pipeline,” your finite resources go a lot further when you can invest them in a specific market.

But rather than get yourself all in a lather over having to choose a niche and not knowing where or how to begin, I want to assure you that the process of identifying your target audience is not rocket surgery (or brain science, for that matter)!

In fact, you probably already feel drawn to help, or have prior experience with, a certain audience right now: is it “leadership coaching for female managers in Fortune 500 companies?” Is it “relationship coaching for engaged couples entering into second marriages?” You get the point: the more specific your audience, the easier it will be to market to them. And once you know how to reach these prospects reliably and consistently, your job of “filling the pipeline” just got a whole lot easier, and you just got closer to your dream of a full practice!

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