It’s Not About You

Ever struggle to come up with appropriate, effective action steps for your client at the end of a session? We all have, from time to time.

One helpful tip to bear in mind: it’s not about you. Remember that, just as the agenda originates from the client, so can the next steps. Sometimes the client may find it useful to have the coach pitch in. However, more often than not, by the end of a session, the client knows exactly where they want to go and how to get there.

So, whether the content of the session calls for forwarding the action or deepening the learning, put the onus where it belongs – back on the client. Doing so will release you from the need to “be brilliant.” As an added bonus, it unleashes the client’s own creativity and resourcefulness in pursuit of the goal at hand. And don’t forget: if the client’s response is “I don’t know,” you can always forge on with “If you did know, what would you say?”

Very often, we try to “help” the client by awarding them our vision. Instead, remember that our clients are usually the best source of wisdom for their own lives.

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