Starting Off the New Year Right

Have you thought about what’s first on the docket for your clients this year? If you had your clients complete an “End of Year Survey” in December, then it’s likely you already have your next steps mapped out.

If you didn’t do this last month, it’s not too late! Feel free to download and customize the free survey template posted on our resources page:

Using This Template

Once your client has returned the survey, spend some time celebrating the successes of the past year. Then, invest your focus on the forward-looking questions (questions 5 – 22 in our sample).

Besides the obvious benefits of debriefing their survey responses, this is your opportunity to build a year-long strategic roadmap with your client, not to mention a healthy list of next-step actions. As an added bonus, you might even find that clients who complete this exercise extend their alliance with you, since they’ve just refocused on a new set of goals. If you work with a client for more than a year, consider having them complete this survey each December as a way to measure their long-term success.

An annual review process (like our End-of-Year Survey) systematically addresses both “little a” and “Big A” issues, all while generating an up-to-the-minute map for the next year’s coaching journey.

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