Teleclasses can be a really efficient way to offer a potential client the opportunity to “know, like and trust” you, all in one straight shot. The reasons they work so well are numerous:
  • Teleclasses are an opportunity to showcase yourself as a subject matter expert
  • They let you address potential clients’ questions and concerns (often in person, in real time)
  • They position you as a “go-to” resource for your target audience
  • The format allows for specially priced “calls to action” at the end of the class
Perhaps the best thing about teleclasses is that you can design your session once, then offer it again and again. In the end, what this means is that, for each hour of your time you invest in marketing, more people will hear about your work.
Choosing a Topic
You’ll draw the biggest audiences when you pick topics on which you can speak passionately and expertly. Create a list of issues or problems your target audience faces and prioritize the ones that matter to you most. Then, make a corresponding list of potential solutions to these issues. Leverage these two lists as you build an outline for what you’ll cover.
Consider the following 9-step timeline*, as you structure each session of your offering:
  1. Welcome – encourage audience introductions
  2. Introduction – WHO’s on the call, HOW it happened, WHY listen
  3. Content – case studies, stories, how to, endorsements
  4. Call-to-Action #1 (approx. 15 min. mark)
  5. Call-to-Action #2 (approx. 30 min. mark)
  6. Call-to-Action #3 (approx. 40 min. mark)
  7. Ethical Bribe – magic word, pop quiz, contest, etc.
  8. Summary – summarize key points, and give CTA 4th time
  9. FAQ session – after “formal tele-training” (if applicable)
With sound knowledge of your target audience and some advance preparation, you can use teleseminars to transform your coaching business. As marketing tools go, many coaches will tell you nothing has done more to help them create a profitable, sustainable business – not to mention the freedom to stop relying on cold calls, businesses travel and endless writing and blogging. So, give coaching teleseminars a try; you might just find it’s the easiest, fastest way to a full pipeline and a thriving business.
*”9-Step Timeline” from Alex Mandossian’s Self-Growth Teleseminars
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