Giving Thanks – For Your Clients

In a month focused on gratitude, it only seems right to share the sentiment with clients as well as friends and family.
Gift Certificates
Appreciation can take many forms – from personal notes to personal effects. Many coaches, though, prefer to offer clients the gift of their services over an edible treat.
If you want to take this idea for a spin, have a look at this template, which I invite you to download and customize. Or pick one of the free templates available from Microsoft. Either way, print the certificates on high-quality paper, include your hand-written signature and pop them in the mail. Alternately, create certificates your clients can give to their friends and family as referrals.
Gift CardsAnother popular idea is to send gift cards – not only to show appreciation to your clients, but also to recognize strategic partners or former clients who may have sent you referrals.*
Make Gifts Meaningful, Not Necessarily Expensive
Whatever you choose, make sure it speaks to the recipient personally. It doesn’t have to be pricey either: some of the most thoughtful gifts are low-to-no cost. So whether it’s a donation to one of your client’s favorite charities or a hand-written card, acknowledging your clients and partners will pay dividends the whole year long.
* A note on gifts sent in recognition of referrals: a gift perceived as directly tied to referrals can backfire – the gift may seem less personal, if it feels like a “payment.” Also, many people consider this practice ethically questionable outside of a formal strategic partnership or referral program. In order to avoid both issues, I make it a point to send gifts to all my clients – regardless of which ones sent leads my way.
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