Celebrating the Old and Creating the New

Welcome to 2013! In honor of the occasion, here’s your first inquiry of the year: what successes will you be celebrating one year from today?

You might say, “How could I possibly know? The journey’s just begun!” Bear with me for a moment and ask yourself: what do you want to be celebrating a year from now?

It’s an easier question now, isn’t it? That’s because, as we all know, goals are much easier to achieve if you can envision the end-state on day one. So, now’s an ideal time (both for you and your clients) to do a review and visioning exercise. As a starting point, David Allen has published a questionnaire, Completing the Old and Creating the New Year. Give it a look; it’s worthy of a spot at the top of your January to-do list.

With clear goals handy, you’ll launch the New Year right and serve as a role model to your clients. Just imagine the success you’ll all be sharing on the next January 1, when you all cheer…

Happy New Year!

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