Your Marketing Funnel, Tier 1: The Free Taste

Starting with this issue, we’re launching a 5-part “mini-series” to help you build a marketing funnel. We’ll help you stock your “store shelves” so that potential clients learn about each product or service you offer right when they need it, and right when they’re willing to make the required investment.

In this issue, we start at the beginning of your prospect’s journey, when they first become aware of you, your products and your services.

About The Free Taste

Special Report, Pink Spoon, Free Taste – what do these terms have in common? They’re all names for the ways coaches introduce themselves to their target audience for the first time.

The idea is simple:

  • your potential client gets a free taste of what you offer to clients
  • you get permission to forge an ongoing relationship (for example, through your mailing list, Facebook page or Twitter feed)

Building Your Taste Around Your Target Audience’s Key Issues

But what kind of gift should you offer? The good news is, it doesn’t matter – a whitepaper, “top-ten” list, or recording can all work equally well. What’s important is that it addresses your target audience’s pain points and establishes you as a key resource to help them navigate these waters.

If you don’t know what your target audience struggles with, ask! And if you don’t already have a mailing list, find online groups your potential customers frequent (for example, on LinkedIn) and post a short survey, with the promise you’ll share results with anyone who participates.

Then, expand this information into a “one-pager,” an audio recording or short video. Include a few informative tips that show your expertise in these areas. No matter what the format, your gift positions you as the expert they need to call next.

Include One Simple Call-to-Action In Your Taste

When your potential customer gets to the end of your free taste, they might want to continue the dialogue right away – don’t make them wait until they get a promo from your mailing list. Just include a resource box at the bottom of the document (or this same information, at the end of a recording).

One Final Tip

Whatever flavor taste you offer, make sure the information you provide is first rate. While you needn’t “give away the store,” don’t fear giving away a PART of it, to show how valuable the rest is. Remember: if your “free taste” isn’t compelling, your prospect’s first taste may be their last.

A free gift is a great way to grow your following and help build your reputation as an expert. Once you complete this important step, your marketing plan is off to the races!

In the meantime, feel free to move on to Tier 2: A Toe In The Water.

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