Your Marketing Funnel, Tier 2: A Toe in the Water

This is the second installment in our five-part series, “Your Marketing Funnel,” designed to help coaches think strategically about the products and services they offer, as well as how to market them.

In Part 1, we discussed a no-cost item, which gives a prospect a “free taste” of you and your services.

This month, we focus on the “Toe in the Water:” a modestly-priced offering that gives new customers another window into your expertise, as well as the quality of your products and services.

Why Do I Need a Low-Cost Option?

Even after a “free taste,” prospects may still be shy about investing for the first time. But if they have a good experience, they’re apt to invest more substantially down the road.

The Toe in the Water is all about making it easy to make this first purchase. Ideally, the price should be:

  • low enough to eliminate buyer’s remorse and
  • high enough to reassure the buyer it’s valuable

Most marketers agree that the sweet-spot is between $5 and $30, depending on your target market.

What Kind of Product Should I Offer?

This is the place to showcase your expertise more extensively. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Publish an eBook based on material you’ve already written that addresses your target audience’s core concerns
  • Note what themes crop up most frequently in your client sessions; write a chapter about each to form an eBook
  • Create a workbook that simulates the coaching process for a specific issue

Get Started Today

When sitting down to create this kind of product, you might be surprised how much of the work you’ve already done. Once finished, there’s an added bonus: you’re ready to launch a passive revenue stream.

Seize this chance to show your prospects how much they could benefit from hiring you and help them build enthusiasm for becoming your client one day. In the meantime, you can look forward to Part 3 of this series, The Little-Ticket Item, coming your way in our next installment!

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