Your Marketing Funnel, Tier 3: The Little-Ticket Item

This is the third installment in our five-part series, “Your Marketing Funnel,” designed to help coaches think strategically about the products and services they offer, as well as how to market them.

  • In Part 1, we discussed giving potential clients a no-cost “free taste”
  • Part 2 dealt with a modestly-priced offerings ($5 – $30)

In this issue, we introduce the little-ticket item – an information product priced between $30 – $75.

What kind of product makes a good little-ticket item?

Just like the no-cost and low-cost items we discussed previously, any topic that keeps your target market up at night is a great basis for your product. And don’t forget that previously-recorded workshops or seminars can be repurposed to create these products with relatively little effort.

Examples of items in this category could include:

  • an hour-long pre-recorded teleseminar, in which you address questions gathered from your mailing list
  • a video interview with a thought-leader in your target market (or other guest “celebrity”), sharing his or her expertise with your potential clients
  • a short eCourse on a “hot-button” topic for your target market, including brief “how-to” suggestions, delivered weekly by an email autoresponder

Don’t forget to leverage past work…

When I tell coaches about the little-ticket item, some worry that creating these products will require too much effort to be worthwhile investments (after all, you only have so much time, right?). The key is taking advantage of work you’ve already done. For example:

  • Turn a workshop video into a download or DVD
  • Edit recorded audio from a teleseminar into a download or CD
  • Expand on a set of blog posts (or a whitepaper you wrote as a free info-product), to create a subscription eCourse

The goal of this tier is to give your potential client a more in-depth look at you and your expertise, without the investment it would take to hire you directly. With just a little effort, you can turn your archived recordings or free info-products into valuable little ticket items to flesh out your “store shelves.”

That’s it for this installment. Next up is Part 4: the bigger-ticket item.

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