Your Marketing Funnel, Tier 5: The Big-Ticket Item

This is the final installment in our five-part series, “Your Marketing Funnel,” designed to help coaches think strategically about the products and services they offer, as well as how to market them.

  • Part 1 discussed giving potential clients a no-cost “free taste”
  • Part 2 dealt with a modestly-priced offering ($5 – $30)
  • Part 3 covered low-risk, high-value information products ($30 – $75)
  • Part 4 introduced group coaching programs ($75 – $150)

In this issue, we introduce the big-ticket item: one-on-one coaching ($150+).

For many coaches, this is the top tier of their marketing efforts. It’s worth noting, though, that some coaches actually have a sixth tier – premium services ($1000+) like on-location VIP retreats, bootcamps, and personalized on-call-for-a-project arrangements. Pricing for these offerings can vary tremendously, but for the more successful programs, the cost reflects the significant hands-on, individual attention a participant will receive from the coach.

Creating Your Coaching Program

If you’ve guided your prospect with “calls to action” at each tier, they may already be ready to “take the plunge” by the the time they get to this uppermost “store shelf.” And prospects who’ve come this far with you are typically core members of your target audience. In other words, this is the perfect opportunity to create your ideal client’s ideal coaching program.

At this stage, your soon-to-be client wants more than periodic assistance; they want your full-fledged support and attention. Because of this, you have a rare opportunity to create programs that are customized to each particular individual – with all the bells and whistles you can imagine.

As you think about what to include in this program, envision what you would want if you were in your prospect’s shoes. For example, ask yourself:

  • What would make the coaching program feel exclusive and individualized?
  • What would make you feel like the program was completely customized to your needs?
  • What could a coach do to convey that they’d invested significant time and effort to create an individualized program perfectly suited to you?

Remember: the power of a customized program stems from the significant investment that goes into it – by coach and client. This is one of the reasons a good one is worth every penny.

A client’s willingness to invest at this level is evidence they’ll “do what it takes” to make their vision a reality. And what an honor when they choose you to help manifest their dream!

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