Your Elevator Speech

When someone asks you “What do you do?,” how do you respond?

The question comes up frequently for coaches – from potential clients, peers and friends alike. It represents an opportunity to increase your exposure and make a connection that’s meaningful for your business. Since networking is a core part of so many coaches’ marketing strategies, it’s critical you’re ready to answer confidently and concisely.

Building An Elevator Speech

Whether you call it an “elevator speech” or a “30-second intro,” what you’re looking to create is a short statement that describes the who, what and why of your work with your clients.

Ask yourself the questions below, exploring each one until you can distill your answer down to a single word or short phrase:

  1. Who do I work with? Who is in your niche (and who’s not)?
  2. Why do clients hire me? What critical issues do your clients face? Do certain issues come up over and over? What do they have in common?
  3. What do I help my clients do which helps them address these issues?

Now form this information into a single statement which will serve as the foundation of your elevator speech. Start with the format below:

“I work with <Answer #1> who struggle with <Answer #2>, and would like to <Answer #3>.”

Refining Your Elevator Speech

Try this out on several people and get feedback on how it lands. Ask people to listen as if they were your ideal client and have them give you feedback from this perspective. Tweak as necessary.

Then get yourself in front of a mirror and practice until it’s second-nature. The key to it sounding natural is being very familiar with the content. Once you are, you can tailor it to the situation. For example, if you need a slightly more substantial version, just expand each of the three ideas to a couple of sentences.

Once you’ve got it down, you’re ready to dive into any conversation (whether or not you’re in an elevator!). Go confidently to your next networking event – it’s teeming with prospects and contacts eager to hear how you’re just the resource they’ve been looking for!

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