Marketing Tip: The Power of Words

Everyone knows words have the power to heal as well as hurt, persuade as well as prevent. When it comes to marketing and selling, executive coach Ann Kruse reminds us that the power of words is just as important for coaches, as we build our businesses:

If you are asking us about actually marketing and selling your services, … the single most important piece of advice I can give you is to be very focused on the specific result you can offer, who you can offer it to, and in what situation. No one needs “coaching.” What they do need is things like “Creating better teamwork in my team” or “Being successful in a very challenging new job” or “Being a better project manager” or “Guiding my team through a change in business direction.” Figure out the type of client YOU want to work with, and the subject on which you can honestly say you have a track record of helping clients. Once you figure that out, then you can decide how to locate those clients. It may, for example, be through professional associations.

Good reminders for us all. Now how can you tighten and focus your marketing efforts? To get you started, this 2-min video perfectly and powerfully drives the point home:

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