Rank and Privilege: A Powerful Example

Most leaders have trouble seeing the inherent privilege that helped carry them to the top. This video paints a clear picture of the advantages afforded to some – and the responsibility that comes with success.

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Make a Difference in the World: Be the Punchline

Once again, a perspective shift is where it’s at. For example:

  • Your client wants to ask for a raise but dreads having to “sell” his manager on the idea. What if he could endorse the idea of educating his boss about the situation instead?
  • You’re worried your client is disengaged because she’s been very quiet of late. What if it was because she found the material so valuable, she started taking notes?

“You’ve been set up. Again.” Be the punchline.

How could you or your clients benefit from a fresh perspective?

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What’s Your Ripple Effect?

Here’s a great advocacy piece to share with your current and potential clients, if you’re an executive or leadership coach who facilitates 360s.

Get your leaders thinking about actions they can take – including hiring you – to make change take flight!

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Making the Impossible Possible

Together we are stronger. This wonderful, 2 m. short shows what can be achieved when one individual steps up, to take on a seemingly impossible task.

What do you see in your life, that can only move forward through a collective effort? Where would it benefit you and others, if you banded together? Which of your clients could benefit most from this message?

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The Best Holiday Gift: A Life Well-Lived

Start the New Year right, by making a few changes today.

While I love lists, I don’t promote very many because each one usually has a few points I can’t get behind. This list, however, gets my vote from top to bottom. Why? Because:

  1. it’s a comprehensive list of insights that will rock your world, whether you’re 17 or 97
  2. even if you only embrace one or two tips, your life will change for the better: more freedom, more peace, more love, more success
  3. you can use this list to launch the New Year by sharing it with your clients and asking them which ones they most want to master
  4. I couldn’t have written this list any better myself

Enjoy! And as always, thank you for your continued support – we wish you a very happy holiday season!

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Wash Away Stress with Gratitude

What better topic to bring into focus during this busy month than gratitude? In an article from Pathways to Wellness, author James O’Dea writes:

Your body loves gratitude! Not a superficial “oh gee, thanks” but a deep, heart-connected appreciation that carries love and acceptance from a place of higher consciousness and well-being.

Your body loves it because it washes away the biochemistry of stress and insufficiency and replaces it with the alchemy of flow and emotional warmth. … In the field of appreciation, we create a healing and reviving antidote to psycho-toxins such as “I don’t have time,” “I don’t have enough,” or “I am drained.” (Full article here)

Where can you boost the role of gratitude, both in yourself and your clients?

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Marketing Tool: The Value of a Credentialed Coach

So you say you want more clients?  And you want higher fees and greater revenue?  Do your part and share this with all your prospects, clients and stakeholders!

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“It’s Always The Leader”

The secret to a well-functioning organization (otherwise known as “Why Our DMV Works Like a Dream Now”) is revealed in this entertaining 3 min. animated short.

Don’t forget to weave it into your next leadership development workshop. Ken Blanchard’s definition of a manager is clear, concise and powerful. They’ll get it!

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