Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things we do, but no one escapes it. Co-founder of CRR Global, Marita Fridjhon, weighs in on the subject and extends an invitation to act now, before it’s too late:

“Choose somebody that is dear to you. Pick a team member that you believe to be remarkable. Put your attention to a colleague whom you value for who they are and what they do. Then write about them. Write about what it is that you will say if you are interviewed after they are gone. I know this might sounds depressing because who wants to consider somebody important to you dying! And here is the joyous gift… once you finish writing that, share it with them now, while you are still together and sharing this crazy place we call ‘now’.” [Full post here]

Whether you’re at those crossroads or far from it, take the lead from Marita and give the gift of recognition. Bonus points for sharing your gift with a client who could use an acknowledging boost!

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