Our Services

The Services we provide offer unique benefits to certification students and credentialed coaches alike:

  • Choice of our a certified coaches as your mentor through the certification process
  • The support of two a certified coaches as you prepare for your exam
  • A chance to coach your certified coach and receive direct feedback in preparation for your oral examination
  • Comprehensive mentoring support to help you establish your business, online presence, and reputation

Coaching Packages for Certification Students

The Coaching Tree offers a comprehensive preparation packages which can be tailored to your individual needs, whether you're a new coach building your business or a credentialed coach interested in ongoing professional development.

  • Six months of coaching with a Certified Coach to help solidify your core skills and hone your business plan. You can even experience the styles of two different coaches at no extra cost.
  • Discovery Session, including four intensive introductory exercises to align the coaching relationship with your unique needs.
  • Two forty-five minute exam-prep sessions with a certified coach, designed to mimic the format of your certification exam. We provide objective feedback and assessment of your coaching, allowing you to focus your efforts as your exam approaches.
  • Virtually unlimited email support provides contact with your coach between sessions.
  • One 30-minute session with our in-house strategic technology consultant to help you create an online presence that supports your business plan and goals
  • Our simple 100% satisfaction guarantee takes the risk off your shoulders: if you're not happy with our program, cancel within the first 30 days and we'll refund your entire investment.
  • One confidence-building "laser session" within 48 hours of your exam to address your last-minute concerns and provide peace-of-mind on exam day.

This program has helped many coaches be successful on exam day. We're so confident you'll pass, we'll include an additional exam-prep session to help you regroup if you don't.

Oral Exam Prep Options

To help you prepare in the weeks prior to your certification exam,* we offer the following services:

  • Two forty-five minute exam-prep sessions (see above)
  • One ninety-minute coach-the-coach session, with immediate feedback. We work with you to customize this session to your individual needs.

*Please Note: Due to the number of calendars which must be coordinated, we request at least two weeks' notice to schedule triad sessions.

Please contact us for additional information.

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